First in World

The first Person in Space
Yuri Gagarin
The first Person  to set foot on the Moon
Nell Armstrong (U.S.A)
The first Person to reach North Pole
Robert Peary
The first Person to reach South Pole
Ronald Amundsen
The first men to climb Mt. Everest
Sherpa Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary (29th May ,1953)
First person to sail around the world
Ferdinand Magellan
First person to swim across the English Channel
Matthew Webb (1875)
First men to fly an aero-plane
Wright Brothers
First man to win Nobel Prize for Peace
Jin F. Dunant (Switzerland) and Frederic Peiry (France)
The first  European to visit China
Marco Polo
The first Chinese Traveller to India
The first secretary general of United Nations
Trigve Li (Norway)
The first President of U.S.A.
George Washington
The first Prime Minister of Britain
Robert Walpole
The first Prime Minister of India
Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru.
The First woman President of a country
Maria Estela Peron (Argentina)
The first country to make a constitution
The first  country to print books
The first  country to issue paper currency
First country to win the world cup Football
Uruguay (1930)
First country to launch satellite into space
Russia (former USSR)
First city to be attacked with Atom bomb
Hiroshima (Japan)
First talkie movie in the world
The Jazz Singer(1927)
First Atom Bomb dropped
Little Boy
First human heart transplant recipient
Louis Washkansky
First antibiotic drug

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