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Indian Railways is an Indian state owned enterprise, operated by government of India. It has a separate ministry in GOI(Govt. of India). Indian Railways has one of the largest rail network in the world having total track length of 115000 km. 
First railway in India was introduced in the year 1853 between Mumbai to Thane. 
Indian Railways is the world's seventh largest commercial or utility employer, by number of employees, with over 1.307 million employees.
Recently railways has conducted a exam to recruit section engineer of different engineering branches.As it conducted the exam by a common paper to all the engineering branches. Here is the questions asked by Indian Railways Section Engineer Exam conducted on 22nd Dec 2014.
  1. A room is 12 m long, 4 m broad and 3 m high .Find the longest possible rod ----13m
  2. The speeds of three trains are in the ratio 3;4;5. The ratio between the time taken by them to travel a fixed distance------5:4:3
  3. A three carbon chain with a double bond is called propene and if it has a triple bond , it would be called------------propyne
  4. For a perfect gas V/T=const, is called-------Charles's Law
  5. Methane gas-------Is a Greenhouse Gas
  6. Temperature , resistance relation-----Rt=R0(1+at)
  7. As per Indian census 2011, the sex ratio is----------940
  8. The ratio of peak value of modulating signal to carrier wave is known as--Modulating Index
  9. A byte represents a group of -------8bits
  10. The flame temperature of oxy-acetylene is------2600-3000 C 
  11. If the arithmtic mean of 25,27,31,35,39 and x is 38, find x--------71
  12. In which month kharif crop is sown ------June-July
  13. Which of the following countries is not in Asia----- Tunisia
  14. A web page is a web doc. on the www,usually in -------HTML
  15. Which of the following states do not share boundary with Nepal----Himachal Pradesh  
  16. In the 17th Asian Games held in the year 2014,total no of medals won by India was----57
  17. 'poise' is a unit of---------Viscosity 
  18. Tulsidas was a contemporary of ------Akber
  19. First Indian to win an individual Olympic Gold-----Abhinav Bindra
  20. First five year plan------1951-56
  21. A question on screw gauge readings--- --0.052cm
  22. In a P-type semiconductors, conduction of electricity is due to ------Motion of holes
  23. Which of the following is not true about MicroSoft Windows-----Windows is written in FORTRAN Language
  24. The first woman judge of supreme court of India-----M.Fathima Beevi
  25. 'Wings Of Fire'is a book written by-------Dr. A P K Kalam
  26. What is the capital of Mizoram------Aizawl
  27. Cranial nerves emerges from----Brain
  28. Who do not related to 1857 revolt-----Gopal Krishan Gokhle
  29. Banks in India are required to hold certain amount with RBI, is called-----Cash Reserve ratio
  30. Universal LogicGate------ NOR
  31. Term of office of a member of Rajya Sabha---6years
  32. P-N junction diode is equivalent to -----Capacitor
  33. By operating at higher freq. transformer can be------Physically More Compact 
  34. Working principle of a thermocouple is-------Thermo-electric effect
  35. Areawise India is 7th largest country in the world. 
  36. Which city is famous for iron and steel industry-----Bokaro
  37. Paradip Port of India mainly handles-----Iron ores & Coal
  38. The Xylem in the plants are responsible for -----Transport of Water
  39. Half wave rectifier requires Three Diodes in a three phase supply
  40. A computer virus is a -----Computer Program
  41. A silicon crystal doped with INDIUM  results in n-type seiconductor.
  42. A jn diode formed from a metal-semiconductor junction rather than a p-n junction---Schottky Diode 
  43.  Two sound waves of equal magnitude but slightly different frequency, produces a beat of frequency - - - |f1-f2|


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