Important Geographical Discoveries Around The World

  • South Pole by Amundsenin 1912.
  • Sandwich Isles (now Hawaiian) by Captain Cook in 1770
  • Solar System by Copernicus in 1540
  • New Foundland  by Cabot (Venetian) in 1494.
  • West Indies by Columbus in 1492
  • South America by Columbus in 1498

  • Laws of Planetary Motion by Kepler in 1609.
  • China by Marco Polo(European)
  • India by Vasco da Gama (Portuguese)
  • Cape Of Good Hope by Baurtho Romeiodeis
  • Sailor Of the World- Magellan
  • Mount Everest by Edmund Hillary
  • North Pole by Robert Peary in 1909
  • Tasmania Island by Tasman
  • Hudson Bay by Henry Hudson
  • Brazil by Pedro Alvares Cabral  in 1500
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