Niti Aayog- Aims, Objectives and Structure (Replacement for Planning Commission of India)

NITI Aayog or National Institution for Transforming India Aayog is the replacement of Planning Commission of India. The Prime Minister will head the new institution tasked with the role of formulating policies and direction for the Government.
The NITI Aayog comprise  State Chief Ministers and Lt. Governors of Union Territories. The Prime Minister will appoint the Aayog’s Vice-Chairperson and CEO.
The Aayog will recommend a national agenda, including strategic and technical advice on elements of policy and economic matters. It will also develop mechanisms for village-level plans and aggregate these progressively at higher levels of government.
Agency overview
1 January 2015
Planning Commission
Government of India
New Delhi
Agency executives
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Amitabh Kant
Vice Chairperson
Arvind Panagariya,

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