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Features of Indian Constitution

·         A Written Constitution:
·         Lengthy Document:
·         Flexible as well as rigid (More flexible than rigid)-
·         Can be amended- Art-368
·         Some provision can never be changed(Supreme Court: Basic Structure can never be changed)
·         A Federal Polity with a Unitary Bias
·         Dual Government
·         Single Citizenship
·         Guaranteed (Fundamental Rights with remedies)
·         Independent Judiciary with a power of Judicial Review
·         Borrowed Constitution

Borrowed From
·         Nominal Head – President (like Queen)
·         Cabinet System of Ministers
·         Post of PM
·         Parliamentary Type of Govt.
·         Bicameral Parliament
·         Lower House more powerful
·         Council of Ministers responsible to Lowe House
·         Speaker in Lok Sabha
·         Written Constitution
·         Executive head of state known as President and his being the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces
·         Vice- President as the ex-officio Chairman of Rajya Sabha
·         Fundamental Rights
·         Supreme Court
·         Provision of States
·         Independence of Judiciary and judicial review
·         Preamble
·         Removal of Supreme court and High court Judges
·         Fundamental Duties
·         Five year Plan
·         Concurrent list
·         Language of the preamble
·         Provision regarding trade, commerce and intercourse
·         Law on which the Supreme Court function
·         Suspension of Fundamental Rights during the emergency
·         Scheme of federation with a strong centre
·         Distribution of powers between centre and the states and placing. Residuary Powers with the centre
·         Concept of Directive Principles of States Policy(Ireland borrowed it from SPAIN)
·         Method of election of President
·         Nomination of members in the Rajya Sabha by the President


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