GS Quiz

1.    Which among the following is a micro-nutrient?
A.    Nitrogen
B.    Phosphorus
C.    Sulphur
D.    Zinc

D. Zinc

2.    What is the momentum of an object of mass ‘m’, moving with a velocity ‘v’,?
A.    (mv)2
B.    mv2
C.    1/2  mv2
D.    mv

D. mv

3.    A ball thrown vertically upwards with a velocity of 49 meters per second. What is the maximum height to which it rises?
A.    125.5 m
B.    122.5 m
C.    120  m
D.    121.5 m

B. 122.5 m

4.    An electric bulb of 60 W is used for 6 hours per day calculate the units of energy consumed in one day by the bulb.
A.    36 units
B.    3.6 units
C.    0.36 units
D.    360 units

C. 0.36 units

5.    A solution turns red litmus blue, its pH is likely to be.
A.    1
B.    4
C.    5
D.    10

D. 10

6.    When there is a change of solid state directly to gaseous state and similarly from gaseous state to solid state without going through liquid state is termed as
A.    Evaporation
B.    Boiling
C.    Fusion
D.    Sublimation

D. Sublimation

7.    What is the correct formula of sodium carbonate?
A.    NaCO3
B.    Na2(CO3)2
C.    Na(CO3)2
D.    Na2CO3

D. Na2CO3

8.    Which radiation carries maximum energy?
A.    Ultra violet  Rays
B.    Infrared Rays
C.    Radio Waves
D.    Microwave

A. Ultra violet Rays

9.    D. C. current can be controlled by which one of the following components?   
A.    Impedance
B.    Resistance
C.    Capacitance
D.    Inductance

B. Resistance

10.  Which one of the following remains constant while throwing a ball upward
A.    Displacement
B.    Kinetic energy
C.    Acceleration
D.    Velocity

A. Displacement

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