Logical Sequence of Words

In order to find out the sequence, we have to relate the given problem in to real life and think in two or three different ways. On the basis of formed sequence we need to choose the best appropriate sequence. The sequencing would be clear by the following example

1.    Arrange the words given below in a meaningful sequence.

          1. Nation            2. Village          3. City
          4. District           5. State

Explanation: Out of the five words given in the problem, we have to arrange them in a meaningful sequence.
We all know that the smallest out of all five words is Village and the largest is Nation. So in this problem we need to arrange these words from smallest unit to the largest and hence the correct sequence would be Village City District State Nation.

1.    Arrange the words given below in a meaningful sequence.

1.    Office        2. Save             3.Work
4.   Earn           5. Spend

Explanation: Five words are given and we have to arrange these words exactly the way we do in our daily life.
We go to the Office and Work there in order to Earn some money. Out of earned money we keep some money for future that is called Save and we Spend the remaining in order to fulfil our needs.

Hence the correct sequence would be Office Work Earn Save Spend

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