Number Analogy

In number analogy one relation is given and we are ask to choose the word which exactly following the given relation.
A:B :: C:D
Here the relation between A and C is exactly same as that in between B and D
Sometimes more than one relation can be derived from the given relation  in such case we have choose the pattern which has highest priority as given below.

Order of Preference:
1.    Prime Method
2.    Cube Method
3.    Square Method
4.    Multiplication or Division Method
5.    Addition or Subtraction Method

                        4:9 :: 25:?

                        22:32 :: 52:72 -------------Prime Method
                        22:32 ::52:62  -------------Square Method
                        22:23+1 :: 52:53+1 -------Cube Method
                        4:4+5 :: 25: 25+5 -------Addition Method
                        4:4*2+1 :: 25:25*2+1---Multiplication Method

Out of five possible relation Prime Method has the highest priority hence the no would be 49.

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