Questions Asked In DRDO Exam CEPTAM On January 1, 2015

  • Which metal evaporates from solid state without being liquid : Sodium
  • Maximum range of Richer Scale : 10
  • Newly open Public private Partnership Mumbai Metro is operated by which private company: Reliance
  • Which of the following component of the blood fight against infection :WBC
  • Flag bearer of India in cwg 2014 : Vijay Kumar
  • Where Human skeleton with copper crown with carnelian beads on its skull: Chandayan village
  • Bronze is an alloy of: Aluminium, Manganese, And Even Zinc.
  • Which among the following is the largest tiger reserve in India: A.P(Andhra Pradesh)
  • Substance and Shadow is an auto biography of :Dilip Kumar
  • Gold medal in Men's 10m Air Rifle cwg 2014: Abinav Bindra
  • In vulcanization of rubber, which of the following is used :Sulphur
  • Liquid Petroleum Gas is a mixture of:Propane And Butane
  • Defence advisor to ,ministry of defence:Avinash Chander
  • Who won the gold medal in cwg 2014 in wrestling : Yogeshwar Dutt
  • Which acid is used in battery: Sulphuric Acid H2SO4
These questions are memory based and hence chances of error can not be ruled out, however your comments would always be welcomed. You can send us more question through contact us tab.

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