1.    Where is RAM located?
A.    Expansion Board
B.    External Drive
C.    Mother Board
D.    All of above

2. IBM 1401 is
A.    First Generation Computer
B.    Second Generation Computer
C.    Third Generation Computer
D.    Fourth Generation Computer

3. The two major types of computer chips are
A.    External memory chip
B.    Primary memory chip
C.    Microprocessor chip
D.    Both B and C

4. Which of the following is not an example of Operating System?
A.    Windows 98
B.    BSD Unix
C.    Microsoft Office XP
D.    Red Hat Linux

5. What is the name of the digital circuit that performs arithmetic and logical operations in computers?
A.    Arithmetic Logic Unit
B.    Digital comparator
C.    Multiplexer
D.    Demux

6. Which of the following is correct for operating system?
A.    OS helps other programs run
B.    OS recovers lost data
C.    OS helps in resource management
D.    None

7. Standard keyboard has a total of 84 or 101 or _______ keys.
A.    120
B.    122
C.    123
D.    121

8. What is "BINAC" -
A.    A Computer Language
B.    A Computer Hardware
C.    A Binary Automatic Computer
D.    A Super Computer

9. Which file in MS-DOS contains internal commands that are loaded during booting process?
A.    IO.SYS    
B.    MSDOS.SYS       
C.    COMMAND.COM         

10. Terminals are required for
       A.    Real-time, batch processing & time-sharing
       B.    Real time, time-sharing & distributed message processing
       C.    Real time, distributed processing & manager inquiry
       D.    Real-time, time sharing & message switching

11. Linux is
A.    A Web Server
B.    A Web Browser
C.    An non profit organization
D.    An Operating System

12. The brain of any computer system is
A.    ALU
B.    Memory
C.    CPU
D.    Control unit

13. Java was originally invented by
A.    Oracle
B.    Microsoft
C.    Novell
D.    Sun

14. Servers are computers that provide resources to other computers connected to a:
A.    Mainframe
B.    Supercomputer
C.    Network
D.    Client

15. All computers must have:
A.    Word processing software
B.    An operating system
C.    A printer attached
D.    A virus checking program

16. What is the Orange Book
A.    Specifications for VCD and Photo CD
B.    Specifications for CD-R, CD-RW Discs
C.    Specifications for Digital Audio CD
D.  Specifications for Computer Data CD

17. Who is the first Introduced the "Analog Computer"?
A.    Robocop
B.    Subang
C.    Electrorg
D.    Ruberg

18. Abacus was the first ___
A.    Electronic computer
B.    Mechanical computer
C.    Electronic calculator
D.    Mechanical calculator

19. .url extension refers usually to what kind of file?
A.    Internet Location
B.    File Location
C.    Word Document
D.    Excel Document

20. A person who used his or expertise to gain access to other peoples computers to get information illegally or do damage is
A.    Hacker
B.    Analyst
C.    Instant messenger
D.    Programmer

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