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1.    MSI stands for
A.    Medium Scale Integrated Circuits
B.    Medium System Integrated Circuits
C.    Medium Scale Intelligent Circuit
D.    Medium System Intelligent Circuit

2.    The capacity of 3.5 inch floppy disk is
A.    1.40 MB
B.    1.44 GB
C.    1.40 GB
D.    1.44 MB

3.    WAN stands for
A.    Wap Area Network
B.    Wide Area Network
C.    Wide Array Net
D.    Wireless Area Network

4.    MICR stands for
A.    Magnetic Ink Character Reader
B.    Magnetic Ink Code Reader
C.    Magnetic Ink Cases Reader
D.    None

5. When collection of various computers seems a single coherent system to its client, then it is called
A.    computer network
B.    distributed system
C.    both A & B
D.    none of the mentioned

5.    Two devices are in network if
A.    a process in one device is able to exchange information with a process in another device
B.    a process is running on both devices
C.    PIDs of the processes running of different devices are same
D.    none of the mentioned

6.    Which of following software can be used for GIS
A.    Adobe Photoshop
B.    Auto cad
C.    Microsoft Office
D.    Linux

7.    (10111)2 = (?)10
A.    23
B.    50
C.    24
D.    89

8.    Assembly language is–
A.    Low-level programming language
B.    High level programming language
C.    Machine language
D.    All of the above

9.    Apache is a
A.    Mail server
B.    Operating system
C.    Web Server
D.    Programming Language

10.  The following computer’s memory is characterized by low cost per bit stored–
A.    Primary
B.    Secondary
C.    Hard disk
D.    All of the above

11.  In a network, the computer that stores the files and process the data is named as
A.    Server
B.    Terminal
C.    Modem
D.    All of the above

12.  How much voltage a USB port contain
A.    0.5 V
B.    1 V
C.    5 V
D.    12 V

13.  Which image format supports transparency in images
A.    PNG
B.    GIF
C.    JPG
D.    A & B

14.  Viruses are called that because
A.    They are viruses
B.    They can copy themselves and spread
C.    Both A. and B.
D.    None of the above

15.  Following is true for Bandwidth–
A.    The narrow the bandwidth of a communications system the less data it can transmit in a given period of time.
B.    The narrow then bandwidth of a communications system the more data it can transmit in a given period of time.
C.    The wider the bandwidth of a communications system the less data it can transmit in a given period of time.
D.    All of the above

16.  Which of the can't spread virus
A.    An e-mail with attachment
B.    A plain text mail
C.    Downloading files over the web
D.    Uploading files into server

17.  Default IP address of computer is

18.  FF is example of
A.     Octal number system
B.    Binary Number System
C.    Decimal Number System
D.    Hexadecimal number system

19.  MPIS stands for
A.    Million Instructions Per Second
B.    Million Instructions Per Season
C.    Monthly Instructions Per Second
D.    Million Inputs Per Second

20.  ALGOL is the
A.    High-level language
B.    Low level language
C.    Machine language
D.    All of the above

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