1.    Which of the following is an alternative option for “New Tab” under file menu in windows internet explorer?
A.    Ctrl+W
B.    Ctrl+T
C.    Ctrl+N
D.    Ctrl+V

2.    Which of the following is Not an Aggregate Functions in SQL.
C.    SUM
D.    AVG

3.    Hypothetical Computer (HYPCOM) program written in.
A.    High level Language
B.    Middle Level Language
C.    Machine Level Language
D.    Communication Level Language

4.    Syntax Analysis are done before
A.    Lexical Analysis
B.    Symbol Analysis
C.    Instruction Analysis
D.    Data Analysis

5.    Which of the following is not an Operating System?
A.    Windows XP
B.    Windows NT
C.    Windows 7
D.    Windows 90

6.    What is the fill form of HTML?
A.    HigherText Markup Language
B.    HyperText Markup Language
C.    HyperText Machine Language
D.    None

7.    The person who is having control over data and programs accessing that data
A.    DBA
B.    Developer
C.    Database Designer
D.    None of these

8.    A hardware device that is capable of executing a sequence of instructions, is known as
A.    CPU
B.    ALU
C.    Processor
D.    None

9.    Which of the following operating system is better for implementing client-server network?
A.    MS-DOS
B.    Novell Netware
C.    OS/2
D.    Android

10.  Which of the following options is not an input device?
A.    Scanner
B.    Mouse
C.    Printer
D.    Joy Stick

11.  ‘Char’ data type in ‘C’ programming language requires storage of___________ byte(s)
A.    1
B.    2
C.    3
D.    4

12.  CPU performance can be measured in
A.    BPS
B.    MIPS
C.    VLSI
D.    None

13.  An application where only one user accesses the database at a given time is an example of a(n) ________ .
A.    Single-user database application
B.    Multiuser database application
C.    E-commerce database application
D.    Data mining database application

14.  Which of the following is Not in the view menu of Microsoft excel?
A.    Full Screen
B.    Zoom
C.    Split
D.    Text to coloums

15.  Which of the following is Not a list in Microsoft Word?
A.    Home
B.    Data
C.    Mailing
D.    Insert

16.  Which function key is used for slide show in Microsoft Power Point?
A.    F5
B.    F6
C.    F1
D.    F2

17.  How long is an IPv6 address?
A.    32 bits
B.    128 bytes
C.    64 bits
D.    128 bits

18.  The DBMS acts as an interface between what two components of an enterprise-class database system?
A.    Database application and the database
B.    Data and the database
C.    The user and the database application
D.    Database application and SQL

19.  What is a common name for this computer symbol  §
A.    Acute
B.    And
C.    Section
D.    Union

20.  This computer abbreviation CSS usually means?
A.    Controlling Style Sheet
B.    Central Style Sheet
C.    Canvas Style Sheet
D.   Cascading Style Sheet

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