Scientific Facts

1. "Optical Phenomenon" in the fringe pattern of CD is – Interference
2.1 RADIAN is - 57.3 degree
3.A fan produces a feeling of comfort during hot weather because - Our perspiration evaporates quickly.
4.A microprocessor with a clock frequency of 100 MHz will have a clock period of - 10ns
5.A mixture of iron filings and sand can be separated by - Magnetic Separation
6.A mixture of water and alcohol can be separated by – Distillation
7.Deforestation generally decreases - Rain fall 
8.DC motors are considered most suitable for the application in – Traction
9.Creeping occurs in - Energy Meter 
10.Copper and tin are the general ingredients of - Gun Metal.
11.Cooking oil can be converted into vegetables ghee by the process of – Hydrogenation
12. Combustion is the process in which - Heat and Light is produced
13.Cod liver oil derived from the fish is a rich source of - Vitamin D
14.Air is a/an – Mixture

15.AIDS is a - Viral Disease
16.Accumulation of which chemical leads to kidney stones - Calcium Oxalate
17.A transformer transforms - Voltage And Current
18.A substance which changes readily into vapour without heating is called – Volatile
19.Celsius and Fahrenheit show the same temperature at - 40
20.By adding Sodium carbonate - Hardness of the Water Can be Removed.


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