syllogism is a kind of logical argument that applies deductive reasoning to arrive at a conclusion based on two or more propositions that are asserted or assumed to be true.
There are three major types of syllogism:
1.    Conditional Syllogism: If A is true then B is true (If A then B).
2.    Categorical Syllogism: If A is in C then B is in C.
3.    Disjunctive Syllogism: If A is true, then B is false (A or B).

A.    All trees are plants.
B.    Some trees are bushes.

Conclusion is: No plants are bushes
From the sketch it is clear that some bushes are definitely plants. Hence the given Conclusion is false

A. All flowers are trees
B. Some trees are houses
C. All houses are wheels

Let’s first make a BD according to these statements.

1. At least some wheels are trees
2. Some trees are flowers
3. All wheels are flower is a possibility

Syllogism Exercise

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