United Nations Human Rights Prize

The United Nations Prizes in the Field of Human Rights were instituted by United Nations General Assembly resolution 2217 in 1966. They are intended to "honour and commend people and organizations which have made an outstanding contribution to the promotion and protection of the human rights embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in other United Nations human rights instruments".
They were first awarded in 1968, and they have been given out at five-year intervals since then. The award ceremony traditionally takes place on 10 December, which the UN has designated Human Rights Day

Latest Prize winners-2013
Ø  Biram Dah Abeid, son of a freed slave who works to eradicate slavery (Mauritania)
Ø  Hiljmnijeta Apuk, a campaigner for the rights of people of short stature (Kosovo)
Ø  Liisa Kauppinen, President Emeritus of the World Federation of the Deaf (Finland)
Ø  Khadija Ryadi, former President of the Morocco Association for Human Rights (Morocco)
Ø  Supreme Court of Justice (Mexico)
Ø  Malala Yousafzai, schoolgirl shot by the Taliban for attending school (Pakistan)

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