1. Indian first talkie film produced in 1931 was: Alam Ara
  2. Spring tides occur on: Full moon day as well as New moon day
  3. Molybdemun  deficiency affects the activity of: Nitrogenase
  4. A fuse wire is characterised by: Low Resistance and Low Melting Point
  5. Waksman got the Noble Prize for the discovery of: Streptomicine
  6. Don't Laugh : We are Police, this book was complied by: Bishan lal Vohra I.G. P
  7. Who Directed the film on the dacoit queen Phoolan Devi: Shekhar Kapoor
  8. Which one of the following is the correct sequence of ecosystem in the order of decreasing productivity: Mangroves, grassland, lakes, oceans
  9. Liberalism stands for: Freedom in Social, Political and Economic aspects
  10.  What is the fascist view of state:State is the instrument of exploitation in the hands of few.
  11.  Xenobiotics which are inherently resistant to microbial attack are called as: Recalcitrant
  12. The ore of Aluminium is : Bauxite
  13. Raga Kameshwari was composed by: Pandit Ravi Shankar
  14. What is ordinary law: Laws made and enforced by the Government
  15. Microbial Type Culture Collection Centre is situated at: Chandigarh
  16. The name of the upper house of the Indian Parliament is : Rajya Sabha
  17. State bank of India was previously known as : Imperial Bank of India
  18. The dynamo convertsMechanical energy into electrical Energy
  19. Which of the following costs is related to marginal cost Variable Cost
  20. The father of computer is Charles Babbage
  21. In a grassland trees do not replace the grasses as a part of ecological succession because of: Water limits and fire.
  22. When one pair hides the effect of the other unit, the phenomenon is referred to as: Epistasis.
  23. Heavy metals got their name because compared to other atoms they have: Higher Densities
Remaining Questions are under evaluation and the same will be published soon....


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