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Scientific Facts - 2

1.     Bromine is found in a liquid state and is - Red in Color.
2.     Blood pressure of a healthy person is - 120/80
3.     Gas which is filled in an electric bulb is - Nitrogen Gas.
4.     Functional activities of a cell is controlled by – Nucleus
5.     From which mineral is radium obtained – Pitchblende
6.      Francium is a product which is in liquid form at – Normal Temperatures.
7.     Fraction of volume of ice seen outside when immersed in water - 10.5%
8.     For transistor action - The Base Region Must Be Narrow
9.     Fireworks use barium to produce - Green Color Flames.
10.   Fe, Co, Ni are also known as - Transition Metals.
11.  Falling drop of water become sphere due to the property of - Surface Tension Of Water
12.  Exchange particle in QuarkQuark Interaction – Gluon
13.  Epoxy resins is used as – Adhesives
14.  Dry density of soil is equal to - Mass Of Solids To The Total Volume Of Soil
15.  DPT is used to prevent – Diptheria
16.  Diamond is the hardest substance found on earth and it is one of the - Most Expensive too.

17.  DIABETES in general is the result of - Under Secretion Of Insulin
18.  Deuterium oxide is also known by - Heavy water.
19.  Deliquescence is the property of a substance to - absorb Moisture From the Environment.
20.  Black hole is an object to be found - in the Sky


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