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Computer/PC Short Cut Keys

Short cut Keys of Common Tasks-
Key Combination
Ctrl + [
Increase the font size by 1 point
Ctrl + ]
Decrease the font size by 1 point
Ctrl + Alt + V
Paste special
Ctrl + B
Make letters bold
Ctrl + C
Copy the selected text or object
Ctrl + I
Make letters italic
Ctrl + K
Insert the hyperlink for selected text
Ctrl + T
Open new Tab
Ctrl + Home
Go to beginning of document
Ctrl + Shift + >
Increase the font size one value
Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar
Create a non breaking space
Ctrl + Shift + V
Paste formatting only
Ctrl + Shift + N
Create new folder
Ctrl + Shift+ <
Decrease font size one value
Ctrl + Spacebar
Remove paragraph or character formatting.
Ctrl + U
Make letters underline
Ctrl + V
Paste text or an object
Ctrl + X
Cut the selected text or object
Ctrl + Del
Cut the selected text or object
Ctrl + W
Open new window
Ctrl + Y
Redo the last action
Ctrl + Z
Undo the last action
Ctrl + F (Function)
Choose the print preview command (Microsoft office Button)
Cut on the spike
Close the window
Go to the next window
Insert an empty field
Maximize the document window
Lock a field
Choose the Open command (Microsoft Office Button)

Short cut Keys of Microsoft Excel and Word-
Key Combination
Alt + = 
Create a formula to sum all of the above cells
Ctrl + ; 
Enter the current date
Ctrl + ’ 
Insert the value of the above cell into cell currently selected.
Ctrl + A 
Select all contents of the worksheet
Ctrl + Arrow key 
Move to next section to text
Ctrl + B 
Bold highlighted selection
Ctrl + F10 
Maximize currently selected workbook
Ctrl + F6 
Switch between open workbooks/window
Ctrl + F9 
Minimize current workbook
Ctrl + I 
Italic highlighted selection
Ctrl + P 
Bring up the print dialog box to begin printing
Ctrl + Page Down 
Move between Excel worksheets in the same Excel document
Ctrl + Page Up 
Move between Excel worksheet in the same Excel document.
Ctrl + Shift + ; 
Enter the current time
Ctrl + Space 
Select entire column
Ctrl + Tab 
Move between two or more open Excel files
Ctrl + U 
Underline highlighted selection
Ctrl + Z 
Undo last action
Create  chart
Edit the selected cell
Go to a  specific cell
Spell check selected text and/or document
Shift + F3 
Open the Excel formula window
Shift + F5 
Bring up search box.
Shift + Space 
Select entire row
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