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Scientific Facts - 10

1.     The term RADAR stands for - Radio Detection and Ranging.
2.     The temperature at which volume of a gas become zero is called - Absolute zero temperature 
3.     The site of respiration in a bacteria – Mesosome
4.     The simple interest and compound interest are equal if - Interest In Compounded Annually And Time Is One Year
5.     The ratio between the stress produced by gradually applied and suddenly applied load is - ½
6.     Which metal is used in the making of microchips – Silicon
7.     Which metals can displace zinc from a solution of zinc sulphate – Magnesium
8.     Which of the following is the best conductor of Electricity - Sea water
9.     Which of the following is used in pencils – Graphite
10.  Which of the following substances exhibit the property of sublimation – Camphor
11.  Which polymer is used to manufacture electric switches, computer disks etc. – Bakelite
12.  Which strength of a concrete is maximum – Compressive
13.   Zinc is quoted on iron sheets and they are called - Galvanized
14.  Writing pencil contains – Graphite
15.  With which polymer, the cabinets of radio and TV made of – Polystyrene

16.   With the addition of impurities, the resistance of a semiconductor - Decreases 
17.  Who is honored as Father of Modern Chemistry - Antoine Lavoisier
18.  Who invented periodic table - Dmitri Mendeleev
19.  Which Vitamin is called niacin - Vitamin B3
20.  Which Vitamin is also known as retinol - Vitamin A
21.  Which type of plastics can be recycled – Thermoplastics
22.  Which toxic element present in automobile exhausts – Lead
23.  Which substances undergoes chemical change on heating -  Lead Nitrate


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