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Scientific Facts - 4

1.     In semiconductor terminology, the doping is a process of - Increasing Impurity Percentage
2.     In diesel engine fuel is ignited by – Ignitor
3.      Hydrogen gas is not responsible for greenhouse effect. Gases like - Methane, Carbon dioxide and Nitrogen oxide produces greenhouse effect.
4.      Heat transfer by radiation mainly depends on - Temp, Nature Of Body And Kind And Extent Of Body Surface
5.     Hasdo Valley in Chhattisgarh is famous for - Coal mines
6.     Graphite is also used as - Lubricant.
7.     Gobar gas contains mainly - Methane
8.     Glowing Of Platinum Wire - is not a Chemical Change
9.     LPG consists of mainly - Methane, Butane & Propane
10.  Main contents of LPG are the - Methane Gas, Butane Along With The Propane Gas.
11.  Megger is used for the measurement of - High Valued Resistance, Particularly Insulated Resistance
12.  Mercury is a metal which can form an - Amalgamation When Used With Other Metals.
13.  Methane is also called - The Marsh Gas.
14.  Sugar can be easily dissolved in water as compared to other substances like - Sulphur or Salt.

15.  Stainless steel resists corrosion due to – Chromium
16.  Stainless steel is an alloy of - Iron, Chromium and Nickel
17.  Special Theory of Relative was proposed in – 1905
18.  Soil erosion can be prevented by - Planting Trees
19.  Soda water contains high amount of - Carbon dioxide.

20.  Silicon carbide is used for cutting very - Hard Substances


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