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Scientific Facts - 7

1.     Most widely used used universal gates are - NOR &NAND
2.     Most of the light rays inside a tube light is in the form of - Ultra Violet Light
3.     The most malleable metal is – Gold
4.     The Ozone layer lies in the – Stratosphere
5.     The pollutants which move downward with percolating groundwater are called – Leachates
6.     What is the solvent of gold – Aquaregia
7.     What is the other name of thiamine - Vitamin B1
8.     What is the name given to plastics that cannot be recycled - Thermosetting plastics
9.     What is the element present on lead pencils - Carbon (graphite)
10.  What is the chemical name of Vitamin E - Alpha tocopherol
11.  What is the chemical name of Chinese salt - Monosodium glutamate
12.  What is the chemical name of baking soda - Sodium bicarbonate
13.  What is the biological polymer in paper – Cellulose
14.  The ratio between inertia force and viscous force is called - Reynold's Number
15.  The rate of chemical reaction does not depend on – Pressure
16.  The property of material by which it can be rolled into sheets – Ductility
17.  The product of three consecutive no is always divisible by – 6

18.  The process, In which  Vanadium Pentoxide is used as a catalyst - Contact process
19.  The primary host of malaria parasitic - Female Anopheles 
20.  What is table sugar - Cane sugar (Sucrose)


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