Scientific Facts - 8

1.     What is sodium chloride - Table salt
2.     What is sodium carbonate commonly known as - Washing Soda or Soda Ash
3.     What is marsh gas – Methane
4.     What is laughing gas - Nitrous oxide
5.     What is Calciferol - Vitamin D
6.     Water is neither acidic nor alkaline because - it can dissociate into equal number of hydrogen ions
7.     Water gas is prepared by passing - Steam over white hot coke
8.      Tropic of cancer is - 23 ½° N latitude 
9.     Time constant of a series R-L circuit - L/R
10.   Thorium have its ore as - Monazite.
11.  The working of a rockets based on the principle of - Conservation of momentum
12.  The weight of the body at the center of the earth – Zero
13.  The variety of coal having lowest carbon content – Peat
14.  Which metal can displace hydrogen from dilute acids – Zinc
15.  Which is the simplest sugar – Glucose
16.  Which is the purest form of carbon – Graphite

17.  Which is the most widely used metal for casting - Cast Iron
18.  Which is the most abundant gas in the earth's atmosphere - Nitrogen (78.08%)
19.  Which is the alkalodid that contains in cola drinks – Caffeine
20.  Which is called white poison – Sugar


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