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Scientific facts - 9

1.     Which heavy metal causes Itai Itai disease – Cadmium
2.     Which gases is obtained by the reaction of water with Calcium Carbide – Methane
3.     Which gases cause acid rain - Sulphur dioxide, Nitrogen oxides
4.     Which gas is found in soda water - Carbon dioxide
5.     Which gas evolved from paddy fields and marshes – Methane
6.     Which form of phosphorus is used in safety metals - Red Phosphorus
7.     Which element is excreted through human sweat – Sulphur
8.     Which element is a liquid at ordinary temperature – Mercury
9.     Which comet appears every 76 years - Hailey's
10.  Which colour indicate Highest Temperature - Dull red
11.  Which code needs 7 bits to represent to represent a characterASCII
12.  Which chemical was used earlier for giving anesthesia to patients - Diethyl ether
13.  Which chemical is used to make rain coats - Poly Vinyl Chloride(PVC)
14.  Which chemical is the reason behind the brown colour of human faces – Bilirubin
15.  Which chemical is called Chile Salt peter - Sodium Nitrate
16.  Which acid cause cramps in our muscles - Lactic Acid
17.  When we talk about carbon forms, graphite is the - Softest form and Diamond is the Hardest form of Carbon.

18.  When iron oxide is formed as the iron is rusted, - No Change in Weight Can be Seen.
19.  What is used in beauty parlours for hair setting – Chlorine
20.  What is the toxicity caused by silicon called – Silicosis


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