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Computer Terminology

Terminology begins with W
W3C is short for "World Wide Web Consortium." The W3C is an international organization that develops Web standards.
Stands for "Wide Area Information Server." This is a program that can index enormous amounts of information and make and make it searchable over a large networks including the internet.
Stands for "Wide Area Network." It is similar to a Local Area Network (LAN), but it's a lot bigger. Unlike LANs, WANs are not limited to a single location. Many wide area networks span long distances via telephone lines, fiber optic cables, or satellite links.
A waveform is an image that represents an audio signal or recording. It shows the changes in amplitude over a certain period.
Web 2.0
Web 2.0 is term that was introduced in 2004 and refers to the second generation of the World Wide Web.
Web Host
In order to publish a website online, you need a Web host. The Web host stores all the pages of your website and make it available in computers connected to the internet
Web Page
Web pages are what make up the World Wide Web. These documents are written in HTML (hypertext markup language) and are translated by the browsers.
Web Ring
A Web ring is a way of interlinking related Web sites so that people can visit many similar Web sites by just following the web ring link in each page.
The term webcam is a combination of "Web" and "video camera." Webcams are typically small cameras that either attach to a user's monitor or sit on a desk. Most webcams connect to the computer via USB.
There are two primary ways of checking your e-mail – using an e-mail program like Microsoft Outlook or with a web based interface, called Webmail.
The webmaster is the person in charge of maintaining a Web site. The jobs of a webmaster include writing HTML for Website and organising the structure.
A website, or Web site, is not the same thing as a Web page. Web site is a collection of Web pages. For example, is a Web site, but there are millions of Web pages that make up the site. Though the two terms are often used interchangeably.
Stands for "Wired Equivalent Privacy." WEP is a security protocol for Wi-Fi networks. Since wireless networks transmit data over radio waves, it is easy to intercept data or "eavesdrop" on wireless data transmissions.
White Balance
White balance is a setting available on most digital cameras and camcorders that defines how the color white should appear in current lighting conditions.
White Paper
This term has historically been used to describe a report that states the social or political position of an state, however, the IT industry has adopted the term to describe articles that explain a certain technology or product. For example, a company may release a white paper to the public in order to educate consumers about one of their products.
This is an Internet service that finds information about a domain name or IP address. If you enter a domain name in a WHOIS search engine, it will scour a huge database of domains and return information about the one you entered.
Wi-Fi is a wireless networking standard trademarked by the Wi-Fi Alliance. It refers to all networking equipment that is based on one of the IEEE 802.11 standards
Widgets are small programs designed for the Mac OS X Dashboard. Some widgets included with Mac OS X include a dictionary, calender or weather forecast etc.
A wiki is a Web site that allows users to add and update content on the site using their own Web browser.
A wildcard is a character that may be substituted for zero or more characters in a string. Wildcards are commonly used for matching patters in computer programs and database queries.
WiMAX, also known as "IEEE 802.16," is a broadband wireless access (BWA) standard similar to Wi-Fi. However, unlike WiFi, which only has a range of several hundred feet, a WiMAX signal can be broadcast up to 30 miles.
This is the Windows application programming interface (API) for developing 32-bit applications.It has been used for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, and newer Windows operating systems. 
A window is an area on the screen that displays information for a specific program. This often includes the user interface and the program content.
Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system for personal computers. 
Windows 7
Windows 7 is the seventh version of the Microsoft 
Windows 10
Windows Vista is the latest version of Microsoft's operating system.
Windows XP
Microsoft Windows XP is an operating system which was introduced in 2001.
Winsock is a short "Windows sockets," which are files that allow Windows programs to connect to the Internet and other computers. Technically, Winsock is an "Application Programming Interface (API)," that developers use to make their programs network-enabled.
In the computing world, the term "wireless" can be rather ambiguous, since it may refer to several different wireless technologies. The two most common types of wireless capabilities computers have are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
In computer terminology, a wizard is a part of a program that guides you through certain steps. For example, a wizard in Microsoft Word would help you create and format a new document according to your needs.
Word Processor
A word processor, or word processing program, does exactly what the name implies. It processes words. It also processes paragraphs, pages, and entire papers. Some examples of word processing programs include Microsoft Word, WordPerfect (Windows only), AppleWorks (Mac only) etc.
Word Wrap
Word wrapping is when a line of text automatically "wraps" to the next line when it gets to the end of a page or text field.
WordArt is a text modifying feature in Microsoft Word, a popular word processing program. It includes effects such as 3D
It refers to a computer (and often the surrounding area) that has been configured to perform a certain set of tasks, such as photo editing, audio recording, or video production. An office may have several workstations for different purposes, which may be assigned to certain employees.
Worm has two widely different definitions. One refers to a computer virus and the other is an optical storage technology.
Stands for "Wi-Fi Protected Access." WPA is a security protocol designed to create secure wireless (Wi-Fi) networks.
Stands for "World Wide Web." It is important to know that this is not a synonym for the Internet.
Stands for "What You See Is What You Get," and is pronounced "wihzeewig." WYSIWYG refers to software that accurately represents the final output during the development phase.
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