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Haryana State G.K. Questions

National Bureau of Animal genetic resources (NBAGR) is located in the district
National Bureau of Animal genetic resources (NBAGR) was established in the year
Wheel Directorate of Research (DWR) is located in the district
Wheel Directorate of Research (DWR) was founded in the year
National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) in which district of Haryana, which are installed?
National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) was founded in the year
Which province in 1947 was part of the Indian state of Haryana before independent
By which amendment to the Constitution, the state of Haryana was formed
In Seventh Amendment
Haryana state of India, which came into existence as
17th Indian State
First Advocate General of Haryana was
Babu Swaroop
Escort tractors and Kelvinator are manufactured in
Motorcycle factory Rajdoot in Haryana is located at
In which district of Haryana, the factory H. M. T. is located
Maruti cars are manufactured in
Name of the woman from Haryana who is the first woman in India to climb Mt. Everest twice
Santosh Yadav

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