Haryana State G.K. Questions

​​Ibrahim Lodi's tomb is located in
"Satyagrahi Prahlad" is a poetic masterpiece of
Tulsidas Sharma Dinesh
In which district of Haryana, Chowdhary Devi Lal was born in
Chowtala village (Sirsa)
Khushiram Sharma was the poet of language
Pandit Shriram Sharma was born at
The first Chief Minister of Haryana
Bhagwatdyal Sharma
When and where did Kalpana Chawla born?
July 1, 1961 Karnal
When did Pandit Shriram Sharma born?
October 1, 1899
Where did Pt. Deen Dayal Sharma born
Where was Goyliy Ayodhya Prasad born?
Badshahpur (Gudgonv)
Who built the famous "Sarveshwar Mahadev Temple" in Kurukshetra?
Sage Srvnnath
Who has been the minister of Bhartiya Gyanpeeth
Ayodhya Prasad Goyliy
Who is known as "Grand Old Man of Punjab" ?
Rai BahadurLala Murlidhar
Who wrote The history  of Haryana or "Navratna book"
Pandit Shriram Sharma
Writings of  great Hindi poet Khushiram Sharma are known as

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