Polity Objective Questions ans Answers

Political Science Questions and Answers
Who is the constitutional Head of the State Government?
The chairman of the state public service commission in appointed by
At the time of appointing the judges of The High Court
President consults the Governor
In whose name is the budget of the next financial year produced in the state Legislative Assembly?
In the name of the President
In which article of the Indian Constitution is the provision of the State Public Service Commission?
Governor appoints the District Magistrate
With the consent of the council of Ministers the state
Whom among the following has the Governor no right to appoint?
Judges of the State High Court
The fundamental duties are incorporated in Article 51A of the constitution of India by the
42nd Amendment Act
During National emergency, the following article cannot be suspended
Article 21
The fundamental Rights of Indian citizen are contained in
Part III of constitution
Reservation for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in the services has been provided in the Indian Constitution under
Which state has a separate Constitution ?
Jammu and Kashmir
Who among the following can be removed from the office without impeachment ?
Governor of a State
The subject on which both the Centre and State Governments can legislated are contained in
The Concurrent List
Decision on question as to disqualifications of membership of either Houses of Parliament rests with the
President after consultation with the Election Commission
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