Spotting the Errors

1. Myself and Mahesh (a)/ will take care of (b)/ the function (c)/ on Sunday.
2. The SPI has declared that those who are found (a)/ guilty of breach of law (b)/ all taking the law into their hands (c)/ they will be taken to task .
3. In spite of thoroughly search (a)/ on the business premises the (b)/ text authorities could not find (c)/ any incrementing document.
4. The Last of the Mughal (a)/ emperor of India was imprisoned (b)/ and later send into (c)/ exit by the British.
5. Hardly as i stepped (a)/ out of my house when (b)/ I saw some policeman (c)/ coming towards my house.
6. Ritha has such a fine (a)/ memory that she can (b)/ recollect anything what (c)/ happened many years ago.
7. In the meeting, Mr Kailash’s (a)/ suggestions with regard for (b)/ certain administrative reforms were (c)/ hailed by all the members.
8. Children who have had (a)/ good preschool education (b)/ are most likely to out-do (c)/ other children at school.
9. If I knew (a)/ that my friend had planned (b)/ to visit the town today (c)/ , I would have made his stay comfortable.
10.When the dentist came in (a)/ my tooth was is stopped aching (b)/ out of fear (c)/ that I might lose my tooth.

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