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Spotting the Errors

1. From Mumbai, (a)/ the Rajdhani Express (b)/ do not go straight (c)/ to New Delhi.
2. It could not have been (a)/ written by Kalidas because (b)/ that kind of dress was not worn (c)/ till after his death.
3. Harish is (a)/ very much (b)/ willing to (c)/ come with you
4. The lady said that (a)/ she should be away (b)/ from home tomorrow as Peter’s (c)/ friend had come to visit Mumbai
5. Journey by car is (a)/ as quick or perhaps quicker (b)/ than by train (c)/ in this particular case.
6. He asked what weather (a)/ had been like (b)/ during my holidays (c)/ and I replied that it had been awful.
7. You are lucky (a)/ to get (b)/ such a (c)/ well paid job.
8. If I would have (a)/ spoken to my father (b)/ as you speak to me (c)/ he would have beaten me.
9. We are quite fond (a)/ of his house (b)/ because we are living in it (c)/ for the last 5 years.
10 Not for nothing (a)/ did he prosper (b)/ as a business consultant (c)/ since his arrival in America 20 years ago.

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