24 Jan TNPSC Group 2A Answer Key 2016

A cone, a hemisphere and a cylinder stand on equal base and we have the same height. Find the ratio of their volumes
If   + x = 78% of 500, then x=?
Find the greatest number that will divide 43, 91 and 183 so as to leave the same remainder in each case.
find the missing letters in the series AZ, GT, MN, ??, YB
At what rate of compound interest per annum will a sum of Rs. 1200 become Rs. 1348.32 in 2 years?
7 men working 9 hours a day can do a piece of work in 30 days. In how many days will 10 men working 7 hours a day do the same work

If 5*3= 34, 6*2=40, then 7*1=?
How much time will it take for an amount Rs 2000 to double at simple interest rate 8%
12 1/2 years
Please report if you find any errors in the questions. 
Answers/Solution of remaining questions are under evaluation and the same will be published here soon.
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