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Answers/Key of the Question Asked in UPSC APFC 10th Jan 2016 Exam

What is Know India Programme
A program for diaspora youth to promote awareness among them about different aspects of India
Special economic zones are developed to
Promote investment from domestic and foreign sources
LAN WAN and MAN are computer networks covering different areas. Their 1st alphabets L, W and M respectively stand for
Local, Wide and Metropolitan
Which of the following are the instruments of providing social security in India?
1. Employee's Provident Fund
3.National Pension Scheme
4.Postal Provident Fund
The Large Hadron Collider used in CERN project is a particle accelerator located on the border between
France and Switzerland
The method of communication in which transmission can take place in both directions but happens only in one direction at a time, is called
Half Duplex
The collection of program that controls how the computer system run in process information is called
Operating System
SMPS is the acronym for
Switched Mode Power Supply
USB is the acronym for
Universal Serial Bus
Maternity Benefit Act 1961 (M. B. Act)provide for how many weeks wages during the Maternity period?
12 weeks
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