C Programming Language Questions Answers

We can insert pre written code in a C program by using
The first expression in a for loop is
Value of the counter variable
Break statement is used for
Quit the current iteration
Continue statement used for
To stop the current iteration and begin the next iteration from the beginning
Due to variable scope in c
Variables created in a function cannot be used another function
Difference between calloc() and malloc()
calloc() takes a single argument while malloc() needs two arguments
malloc() takes a single argument while calloc() needs two arguments
calloc() belongs to which library
Total number of keywords in C are
Use of \r in c
places cursor at the start of line
rand() function returns
integer value
The compiler in C ignores all text till the end of line using
Which operator has the highest priority
A member is a
Variable in a structure
To access the members of structure which symbol is used
What is the full form of UML
Unified modeling language

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