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Computer Awareness Q&A

Computer Virus is
A computer program
An open source operating system
Word processing, spreadsheet, and photo-editing are examples of
Application software.
Verification of login name and password is known as
A stored link to a web page, in order to have a quick access to it later, is called
A program for viewing web pages is called
A string of eight 0s and 1s is called a
'©' Symbol in computers refers to
Laser printer technology is based on
Creating static electrical image of the document.
Secure code/Verified by VISA is associated in which types transactions?
The name, a user assigns to a document is called
File name
Peripheral devices such as printers and monitors are considered to be
Chip is common nickname for a(n)–
Integrated circuits
A micro processor has a unique
Machine Language
Servers are computers that provide resources to other computers connected to a
In a MS Word document, Landscape is
Page orientation
The PC (personal computer) and the Apple Macintosh are examples of two different
A high speed memory used for temporary storage
Firewall is used in communication network / system to save
Unauthorized attack
Which files have .mpg extension? 

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