Facts & Figures

Medically speaking, one can remain without food without a maximum of 14 days only.
An elephant baby has to spend 22 months in the mother's womb before it comes in this world.
The Electric Ray fish can give a fatal electric shock to defend itself against an intruder.
The funny bone in human body is actually not a bone, it's a nerve.
One cannot tickle oneself. Try!
Our brain keeps on working even during night.
To an observer sitting in a spacecraft, the earth looks completely black.
If you keep the door of your fridge open for a long time, the room will become hot.
More than 2/3rds of the Earth's surface is covered with water bodies, including ice-sheets.
A newborn baby has a hemoglobin level, in its blood, of around 22 gm/dl.
If you fire a shot on the moon, your friend cannot hear it because the moon has no atmosphere to make it possible.
The Earth's plates keep on moving round the clock due to tectonic forces. There are hundreds of minor earthquakes daily, of which we experience only the strong ones.
The hugely popular drug Viagra (made by Pfizer), meant for sexual dysfunction in males, was actually a compound (Sildenafil Nitrate) initially developed to cure heart diseases.
The human body has 212 bones in all at birth. Some of them fuse later on, resulting in 206 bones in an adult body.
Atomic hydrogen is predicted to be a room temperature superconductor if it can be pressurized to ~3x the pressure in the center of the earth.
Diamond becomes a superconductor when it is heavily doped with boron, and if defects can be adequately removed, it is expected to have a relatively high superconducting transition temperature (above the boiling point of liquid nitrogen)
Helium makes up 24% of our universe (by mass) but it is a non-renewable and dwindling resource on earth. 

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