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Facts & Figures

"Almost" is the longest word in the English language with all the letters in alphabetical order.
11% of the World is left handed.
111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321
400 Quarter Pounders can be made from a single cow.
A "Jiffy" is the scientific name for 1/100th  of a second.
A Boeing 747's wingspan is longer than the Wright brothers' first flight.
A broken clock is right two times a day.
A colony of 500 bats can eat approximately 250,000 insects in an hour.
A duck's quack doesn't echo anywhere, no one knows why.
A Ten Gallon Hat will only hold 3/4 of a Gallon.
Ancient Greeks practiced a form (ineffective) of birth control that consisted of having a woman hold her breath, making her squat, and sneezing.
Coca-Cola would be green if the food colorant wasn't added.
Cockroaches can live several weeks with their heads cut off.
Coffins used for cremation are usually made with plastic handles.
During the 17th Century, the Sultan of Turkey ordered his hole harem of women to be drowned and replaced with a new one.
Earth is the only planet not named after a god.
Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete.
If removed from the stress of the modern world, the average human would sleep about 10 hours a day.
In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.
It is against the law to burp, or sneeze inside a church in Nebraska.
It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open. We dare you, give it a try!
It takes more calories to eat a piece of celery than the celery has in it.
James Fixx, the man who popularized jogging in America died of a heart attack while running.

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