Indian Polity: Questions & Answers

1.  The provision of providing identity cards to voters has been made in
The Representation of the People Act 1958
2.  Total number of amendment in Indian Constitution
100 (till 1 Aug 2015)
3.  Total number of High Court in India
4.  Total number of seats in Lower House of Parliament
5.  Total number of seats in Upper House of Parliament
6.  Under which part of the Constitution, Tribunals have been defined ?
Part Fifteen
7.  When was the first session of lok sabha held
13,May 1952
8.  Which Article of the Constitution empowers the Parliament to legislate on a matter of the State List in the national interest?
Article 249
9.  Which High Court has the largest jurisdiction in the terms of states
Gauhati High Court
10. Which of the following states joined India after a referendum of its people
Junagarh & Sikkim
11. Which state has the the highest number of representative in both the houses
Uttar Pradesh
12. Which was the Associate-state converted into a state?
13. Which was the first union territory to be converted into a state?
Himachal Pradesh
14. Who the first speaker of Lok Sabha
G V Mavlankar
15. Who was the first Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission
Gulzari Lal Nanda

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