Question Paper of UPSC AFC January 10, 2016 with Answers/Key

If the Prime Minister of India is a member of the Rajya Sabha
He will not be able to vote in his favor in the event of a no-confidence motion.
Which one of the following formed the basic premise for developing the Indian Constitution?
The Government of India Act, 1935
The Malimath Committee (2003) looked at ways to reform the
Criminal Justice System in India
Disadvantages of Provident Fund Scheme?
1.  Money would be inadequate for risks occurring in early working life.
2. Inflation erodes the real value of savings.
3. It generates forced saving that can be used to finance national development plans.
Besides resistance to pests, what are the other prospects for which plants have been genetically engineered?
1.  To enable them to withstand drought
2. To increase the nutritive value of the produce
3. To enable them to grow and do photosynthesis in spaceships and space stations
4. To increase their shelf life
Which items are included in GNP?
1.  Consumers Good and Services
2. Gross private domestic investment.
3. Goods and services produced by the Government.
4. Net income from abroad.
Which of the following statements best describes the content of the theory of distribution?
The distribution of Income Between the owner of factor resources
The demand for a factor of production is said to be derived demand because
It stems from the demand for the final product.
Whenever countries set up a free Trade Area, they abolish all restrictions on trade among themselves and
Each country maintains its own set of tariff and quotas on imports from outside countries. 
Functions of Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB)
1.  To ensure expeditious clearance of the proposal for foreign investment.
2. To review periodically the implementation of the proposals cleared by the Board.
3. To undertake all other activities for promoting and facilitating FDI as considered necessary from time to time.
4. To interact with FIPC being constituted separately by the Ministry of Industry
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