RPSC Lecturer in Technical Education Answer Key (Electrical)-2014/2016

11. The stator of a 415V, 50 Hz, 4-pole slip ring Induction Motor is excited by rated frequency with slip rings open circuited. The rotor is made to rotate at a speed of 600 rpm in the opposite direction to the normal direction, The frequency of induced voltage across slip ring is
A) 35 Hz
B) 30 Hz
C) 20 Hz
D) 70 Hz
Answer: D) 70 Hz
12. For AC networks, as per maximum power transfer theorem, for maximum power transfer, the source impedance should be equal to:
A) twice the complex conjugate of load impedance
B) none of these
C) complex conjugate of load impedance
D) twice the load impedance
Answer: C) complex conjugate of load impedance
13. Highest flux density exists inside which of the following instruments?
A) Hot wire instruments
B) Electrodynamic instruments
C) Moving iron instruments
D) Moving coil instruments
Answer: D) Moving coil instruments
14. The current gain of emitter follower is:
A) more than one
B) unpredictable
C) less than one
D) zero
Answer:  A) more than one

A)    positive, positive
B)    negative, negative
C)    positive, negative
D)   negative, positive
Please report if you find any errors in the questions. 

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