RPSC Technical Education Lecturer Exam Answer Key

16. Which type of protection is provided on a generator to protect against stator insulation failure?
A) Overcurrent relay
B) Thermocouple actuated alarm
C) Differential protection
D) Reverse power relay
Answer: B) Thermocouple actuated alarm

17. Two stator windings of AC servomotors are oriented:
A) 180 degree (electrical) apart
B) 180 degree (mechanical) apart
C) 90 degree (electrical) apart
D) 90 degree (mechanical) apart
Answer: C) 90 degree (electrical) apart

18. A passive 2-port network is in a steady-state compared to its input, the steady state output can never offer
A) better regulation
B) greater power
C) lower impedance
D) higher voltage
Answer: B) greater power

19. The burden value in Potential Transformer (PT) should be ______ to achieve low errors in PT:

A) infinite
B) high
C) medium
D) low
Answer: D) low
20.The operation of the relay which is most affected due to arc resistance is
A) All are equally affected
B) Mho relay
C) Impedance relay
D) Reactance relay

Answer: B) Mho relay
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