RPSC Technical Lecturer Exam Key/Solution-2014/2016

6.  The RMS value of a half-wave rectified current is 10 Ampere. Its value for full-wave rectification would be:
A) 10 Ampere
B) 20 Ampere
C) 14.14 Ampere
D) 31.4 Ampere
Answer: C) 14.14 Ampere

7.  The average power delivered to an impedance 4 − j 3 Ω by a current 5Cos(100πt + 100) Ampere is
A) 125 W
B) 44.2 W
C) 62.5 W
D) 50 W
Answer: C) 62.5 W

8.  The superposition theorem is applicable to:
A) linear response only
B) linear, non-linear and time-variant response
C) linear and non-linear response
D) non-linear and time-variant response
Answer: A) linear response only

9.  A DC shunt motor has rated rpm of 480. Certain industrial application requires this motor to run at 540 rpm for some time. Which speed control will be desirable?
A) It is not possible to run the motor at more than the rated rpm
B) Armature current control
C) Ward Leonard control
D) Field resistance control

Answer: D) Field resistance control
10.  A single phase transmission line consists of two parallel conductors one meter apart and 1.25 cm in diameter. The loop inductance per km of the line is:
A) 34.3 x 10-7 Henry/ km
B) 19.5 x 10-7 Henry/ km
C) 21.3 x 10-4 Henry/ km
D) 11.5 x 10-7 Henry/ km
Answer: C) 21.3 x 10-4 Henry/ km
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