TNPSC-2015/2016 Group 2 Answer Key

India's first dedicated multi wavelength is 5th of January for astronomy research launched on 28 September 2015 is
The planet which has the fastest confidence motion is
The mountain which is known as horst is
Block mountain
Largest area in the ocean floor is occupied by
Deep Sea Plain
The first woman who conquered to 7077 metre Mount Kun of  the Himalaya is
G. R Radhika
Which Indian state recently hosted the first Global conference on gender equality
India will chair the prestigious G-20 forum in the year

Fructose 6 phosphate is also known as
Newberg ester
In which of the following tennis tournament in 2015 Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis pair did not win the women's double championship
French Open
Iin September 2015 Tamil Nadu's largest Solar Power Plant was commissioned at
Sengottai in Virudhunagar
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Please report if you find any errors in the questions. 

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