TNPSC Answer Key 24 Jan 2016

Bharat Nirman was started to unlock the development potential of
Rural India
When did the Unique Identification Authority of India when did the first author card
29th Sep, 2010
In human Prothrombin required for blood clotting is synthesized in the
Who has been appointed as the first male member of National Commission for Women
Alok Rawat
When was the first world antibiotic awareness week observed
16 Nov to 22 Nov 2015
The country which promulgated its new constitution in 2015
Who nominates the chairman of the public account committee of the Indian Parliament
the speaker of the house of people

Which article empowers the President to summon and prorogue either House of Parliament
Article 85
In reference to Tamil Nadu Nisha:2008 is similar to P:2015, Then P points out to
Which genes was identified recently by scientists of India was primarily responsible for obesity among Indians
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