TNPSC Group 2 Answer Key : Exam held on 24 Jam, 2016

Which of the following finance commission described the devaluation of tax revenue to states on the net proceeds of all central taxes
11th finance commission
Which Indian constitutional amendment act on Panchayati raj mentioned under clause 1 that one third of seats were to be alloted to women belonging to SCs and STs
73rd amendment
Arrange the following in the increasing order of their penetration power
Alpha Beta Gamma
Identify the writer who won the prestigious man booker prize for fiction 2015
Marlon James
Which of the following mountains of north America has been renamed as Denali
Mount Mckinley
The first BRICS migration conference in October 2015 was held at
Sochi, Russia
Which organisation 73rd foundation day is being observed on 26th September 2015
The part of earth's interior which is known as Asthenosphere
Upper mantle
The river which is said to be the lifeline of Sikkim is
In 1868, the national income estimates committee of India was headed by
Dadabhoy Naroji
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