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TNPSC GROUP 2 Non Interview Post Answer Key: Exam Held on 24 Jan 2016

Which of the following were the liquid
measurements used by the imperial cholas?
Ma, Kuzhi
Pick out the wrong statement about Rabindranath Tagore
II only
Who was the President of All India State People conference during 1946-1947?
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
Which among the following is not related to the Aligarh Movement?
IV. Awakening of Nationalism among Indian Muslims.
Identify the particle physicist through the clues given below
Peter. W.Higgs
The Statistical Indicator of Equitable distribution of Income is
Gini Coefficient
Match the given hill stations with the states in which they are located.
B. (4 1 2 3)

Which one of the following was not identified under the Basic Minimum Services (BMS) programme of the Ninth Five Year Plan?
Development of renewable sources of Energy
Who headed steering committee of constituent assembly
Rajendra Prasad
When did the constituent assembly for undivided India meet for the first time
9th December 1946
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