TNPSC Group2 Answer Key/ Solution-2015/2016

Arrange the following committees in chronological order
C. 2­1­3­4
Who among the following stayed away without taking part in 1857 Revolt?
A. [ 1, 2 and 4 Only]
Match the recipients of Arjuna Awards for the year 2014-­2015 with their games.
A. [1 3 4 2]
X2+4y2 = 4xy; x:y=?
a:b= 6:7, & b:c= 8:9, then a:c=?
mean of 25 observations was found to be 78.4 but later it was found that 96 was miss read as 69. Then the corrected mean is
A sum of 1550 was lent partly at 5% and partly at 8% per annum at simple interest. The total interest received after 3 years was Rs 300 the ratio of the money lent at 5% to that lent at 8 % is

A sum of Rs 800 to Rs  920 in 2 years at simple interest. If the interest rate is increased by 3% what would be the Rs 800 amount to?
A sum of rupees 53 divided among ABC in such a way that A gets Rs 7 more than what B gets. And B get Rs 8 more than what C gets. The ratio of their share is?
Please report if you find any errors in the questions. 
Answers/Solution of remaining questions are under evaluation and the same will be published here soon.
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