UPPSC Lower PCS Question Paper ans Answer Key Download

Haemophilia is
caused by hereditary defect
cetane number is used as a quality parameters mainly for which of the following
In the recent grading of players by BCCI, Ajinkya rahane is put in
Grade- A
Abhinav Bindra won the 8th Asian Air Gun Championship Gold at
New Delhi
Which of the following United Nations Climate Change Conferences concluded at Paris?
Which of the following is the highest emitter of global carbon in the world ?
Which of the following countries won the Davis Cup title for 2015 on 29th November, 2015 ?
Great Britain
The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) for 2015 concluded in which of the following countries ?
Tim Peake is known as which of the following ?
Which of the following countries has allowed HIV positive recruits in army ?
Please report if you find any errors in the questions. 
Answers/Solution of remaining questions are under evaluation and the same will be published here soon.
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