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UPPSC Lower Subordinate Exam Key

If √2=1.4142, then √((3­√8)/(3+√8)) is equal to
The average of the first 50 natural number is
If the sum of three consecutive numbers is 81, then the middle number is
Two numbers are in the ratio 15:11 and one of them is 143. If their HCF is 13, then the other number is
circle is of radius 4 cm. Tangents are drawn from a point 8 cm. far from its centre. Their length is
4√3 cm.
If one angel of a triangle is 130°, then the angle between the bisectors of the other two angles can be

Robert Bruce Foote, Who discovered first Paleolithic tool in India, was a/ an
The Priest associated with king videgha Madhava referred in Shatapatha Brahmana was
Rishi Gautam Rahugana
In the year 2013-14, the largest source of tax revenue of the union Government was
Corporate tax
Which one of the following is not correct about NITI Aayog?
It has a Full time Chairman
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