UPSC APFC 2016 Question Paper and Answer Key

The term 'Dear Money' refers to
High rate of interest
The Parliament can make any law for whole or any part of India for implementing international treaties
Without the consent of any State
In the study of pollution, SPM refers to
Suspended Particulate Matter
Which of the following industries were first established during the British Rule in India?
Cotton Textile Industry; and Jute Industry.
Statement(1): The effects of an income tax on consumption, saving and investments are micro effects.
Statement(2): Income Tax is an example of direct tax
Statement(1) and Statement(2) are true  but Statement(2) is not the correct explanation of Statement(1)
Statement(1): Trade between two countries takes place on account of differences in cost.
Statement(2): Different countries have different factor endowments.
Statement(1) is false but Statement(2) is true
Statement(1): Foreign Investment may affect a country's export performance.
Statement(2): Inflow of foreign exchange may cause appreciation of local currency leading to a rise in the price of export commodities.
Both Statement(1) and Statement(2) are individually true but Statement(2) is not the correct explanation of Statement(1)
Statement(1): Speaker of Lok Sabha appoints the Chairman  of the Public Accounts Committee.
Statement(2): Members of Parliament, eminent persons from industry and trade are the members of the Public Accounts Committee.
Only Statement (1) is true but Statement(2) is false
Which of the following trends in FDI inflows are correct?
1.  In 2003-04 the FDI Equity inflows growth was negative.
2. From 2004-05 to 2007-08, the FDI inflows was very high and positive.
3. In 2008-09, the FDI inflows were positive, but had decreased relative to previous years.
What is the meaning of term 'didactic' ?
Teaching a moral lesson

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