UPSC APFC Jan 10, 2016 Question Paper with Solution

What is a ballad?
A popular story or folktale in verse
Plagiarism means
It is presenting the work of someone else as one’s own
 What is the indication out of the sentence: ‘I gave him a piece of my mind’?
What is the meaning of the expression: ‘blue blood’?
An Aristocrat
‘He was hoist by his own petard’ refers to
He had problems as a result of his own plans to hurt others
Rivalry between the two clans has become water under the bridge means?
It has become a thing of the past
Consider the statement: ‘ the message of peace and brotherhood permeated the address’
Which of the following is the meaning of the term ‘permeate’
To spread all over
Arrange the following to form a grammatically correct sentence:
1. Einstein was
2. Although a great scientist
3. Weak in arithmetic
4. Right from his school days
2, 1, 3 and 4
Which of the following statements are correct in response of ‘Stridhana’
1.  Various type of movable property gifted to a woman on various occasions during her lifetime.
3. On the woman's death, this wealth could be inherited by her children and husband.

Special Economic Zones (SEZ) are developed to
To promote investment from domestic and foreign sources

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