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UPSC APFC Solved Paper 10th Jan 2016

A rectangular garden is to be twice as long as its width. If 360m of fencing including gates will totally enclose this garden, what is the length of the garden?
In a chess tournament, each of the six players will play with every other player exactly once. What is the number of matches that will be played during the tournament?
A man buys apples at a certain price per dozen and sells them at 8 times price per hundered. What percentage does he gain or lose?
4% loss
For which time intervals, is the percentage rise of population the same for the following data?
1980-90 and 1990-2000
Four quantities are such that their arithmetic mean(A.M) is the same as the A.M of the first three quantities . The fourth quantity is
A.M of the first three quantities
If the difference of two numbers is greater than the sum of the numbers, then
At least one of  the numbers is negative.
A palindrome is a number which reads the same from left as well as right, for example, 23732, what is the number of palindromes between 10 and 1010?
In writing all the integers from 1 to 300, how many times is the digit 1 used?
Consider the sequential integers 27 to 93, both included in the sequence. The arithmetic average of these numbers will be

A certain sequence of integers is constructed as follows:
Consider 0 and 1 as the first two numbers. The next, i.e. the third number is constructed by their sums, i.e. 1. This process of constructing the next number continues taking these numbers 0, 1, 1 as the first, second and third numbers in the sequence. What will be the 7th and 10th numbers respectively?
8 and 34

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